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"What an amazing experience", are the words I would use to describe the treatment, atmosphere, and relaxation when I visit Therapy In Motion Massage Techniques by Brenda Sizemore.  I've been going to Brenda for massages since my husband and daughter purchased a gift certificate for me as a Christmas gift in 2005.  I enjoyed my massage so much that my daughter wanted to experience what a massage was like also.  Our daughter is 9 years old and was so excited to have a massage that she saved her allowance money to schedule one.  She absolutely loved it and can't wait to have another one soon.

Most importantly, I must mention that I'm currently carrying our second child that is due in July.  It is so important for me to receive regular massages during this time in my life!  It really helps me with the daily stress, swelling and improved my ability to rest.  I've had zero complications with this pregnancy and tribute that to God, family, friends and a terrific massage therapist.  Brenda has been reliable, very professional and a wonderful experience for me and my family.  Give her a try for yourself and you'll see how peaceful and enjoyable your day can really be. 

Kim Harris, Lawrenceburg, KY


I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with Therapy In Motion.  I was only going to go once or twice just to say I had a massage, but after my first time, I was hooked.  Then once I was introduced to massage cupping, it was all over!  I have been cupped on my back and legs and think it is wonderful!  It did take a few times for me to see and feel any types of changes.  I will tell you my hair has started growing and I have been able to sleep better.  I can certainly tell the difference when I do no go every two weeks.  Brenda Sizemore makes every one of my visits relaxing and comfortable.  She takes the time to talk to you about concerns you may have or areas that may be bothering you.  Since diagnosed with plantar fascitis, she is concentrating more on my feet which has been helping tremendously.  Feeling good both physically and emotionally is important and I truly believe that massages with Therapy In Motion help in both those levels.

Elizabeth Thompson, Lawrenceburg, KY  


Brenda has a gift of touch and healing.  She has helped lots of people, including myself and my wife, and tons of patients that I have referred to her over the past few years since we've known each other.  All my patients had a great experience, and they almost always thank us later for introducing them to Brenda.  We've been going to Brenda regularly every few weeks, and as a matter of fact, we've scheduled our appointments 8-12 months ahead just so that we can reserve our spots.  She's so good that there is a waiting list to get her special treatments.  Brenda is very professional, courteous, caring, and knows so many massage techniques out there.  We have referred patients with muscles that felt hard like a rock because of severe tension and severe spinal misalignments and she always does a wonderful job with them.  My personal experience has always been wonderful.  On average, two out of three sessions, I end up falling asleep and started snoring during the massage and Brenda had to shake me to wake me up when she's done!  I highly recommend Brenda for your massage needs. She is a gifted therapist and a wonderful friend.

Dr. Arthur Pangemanan, MS, DC, FICPA

Pangemanan Chiropractic

1028 Eagle Lake Business Park, Lawrenceburg, KY 


I count among the greatest gifts I've ever received a gift certificate for a massage from Brenda Sizemore.  I understood that massage was good for my body--I am always amazed at what it does for my mental and emotional health.  She is an incredibly gifted therapist, and seems to know my body much better than I do.  She can find places where I've been storing the stress of my days and by concentrating her strong hands and warm attention there remove the tension--not just from specific areas of my body, but seemingly from my whole experience.  When I leave her office after a massage, I carry a sense of peaceful well-being.  I experience greater mental clarity and approach my work from a more relaxed perspective.  Brenda somehow combines total professionalism with a warm and personable approach that leaves me feeling completely "cared for," and I am tremendously grateful to have found her. 

Marcie Christensen, Lawrenceburg, KY   

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