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SaunaRay Far Infrared Sauna




The Hot Solution for Body Pollution:  FIRS


The far infrared sauna uses a heat energy that penetrates tissues, triggering mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage directly into the sweat.  Over weeks and months of sauna use, there is equilibration, where chemicals that were stored in other organs slowly and safely disseminate throughout the body and eventually empty into subcutaneous fat.  This is the chemical load that is stored beneath the skin that is the main area activated by the far infrared sauna. 

 Studies out of the University of Alberta in 2011 proved human sweat is 10 times more toxic than urine.  The researchers measured 16 toxic metals including Lead, Aluminium, and Cadmium from a group of firemen in Canada. This means that far infrared saunas remove chemicals via the sweat, and our bodies don't have to reprocess these chemicals back through our digestive system to eliminate them.  




Just some of the benefits of far infrared sauna useage include help with conditions such as:





~Weight Loss~


~Blood Pressure~



~Heart Disease~

~Cancer Prevention~




The charge for this service will be:


$ 20.00 per sweat session, or buy 5 sessions and get the 6th one free!



You must bring your own towels!!!  One large one to sit on and drape behind your back, one medium one for the floor of the sauna for your feet to rest on, and at least 2 handtowels to wipe sweat with.  I will furnish your water supplement to replenish what nutrients you will loose in your sweat.  You must drink this before and after your sweat. This is a very serious experience and can't be entered into lightly.  Absolutely no alcohol or recreational drug use prior to your sweat for your own safety.


This is a wonderful follow up treatment after your massage.



We can bring aging and illness to a screeching halt by booting those nasty disease-causing chemicals out of our body----sweating out the poisons is the answer!                                                             


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