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Ionic Crystal Salt Lamps


What in the great wide world is speleotherapy?  I'm glad you asked!  Speleotherapy is a therapy that is unique to caves and mines for treating respiratory illnesses.  It was originated in Poland in the 1950s when it was noticed that salt miners rarely suffered from tuberculosis.  It is a common treatment in Eastern and Central Europe, but almost unknown elsewhere.  


The most well-known hub for speleotherapy treatment is the Ukrainian Allergologic Hospital in Solotvyno.  The hospital is located nearly 1,000 feet below the earth's surface in a former salt mine.  Its staff reports a 90% effective rate in reducing asthma symptoms for up to three years! 


How can we take advantage of these benefits here in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky?  I now have HIMALAYAN IONIC NATURAL CRYSTAL SALT LAMPS in use in my office and the massage therapy room!!  The 250 million year old salt crystals unlock the door to wellbeing and tranquility.  Quarried deep in the mines of the majestic Himalayan Mountains, each piece of Himalayan Crystal Salt Products is carefully sculpted by hand to maintain its natural beauty and original composition.


My clients are already reporting to me that their noses aren't as stopped up as before I started using the salt lamps during their massage sessions.  I can tell a BIG difference in that my allergies are far less noticable to me since I put an extra salt lamp in the massage room.



2000 years ago, the Himalayan mountains revealed one of their deepest and oldest secrets:  a 250 million year old natural salt crystal deposit.  The pink salt crystal is hand-chipped from the mine and shaped by local artisans into unique lamps then mounted on a Neem wood base.


The translucent crystal, once lit, emits negative ions that naturally refresh the air while casting a warm and flattering glow that makes any room feel welcome.  A scientific study has shown that the lighted salt lamp increases the negative ion count up to 600%.  (Alpha Lab Inc. Salt Lake City, UT. USA)  Negative ions are also created around water falls, forrests, the ocean, after a rain, etc.  Ever noticed how good you feel when you are in any of these areas for a bit?  The air is crisp and clean with a wonderful clean smell.


The benefits of salt therapy are well known in Europe, where there are many salt spas, some in operation since the mid 1800s.  This traditional therapy is now being introduced in the United States and other parts of the world and its positive effects on health are felt and endorsed by thousands. 



Just as our health is affected by the air we breathe and the water we drink, our health is also affected by the quality of light we are surrounded by.  The Himalayan Ionic Salt Crystal Lamp is not only beautiful, but its glowing hues of orange promote calm and peaceful relaxation.  Many people say that when they use it as a night light, or just sit next to it, they become less stressed and more creative.  Color is important to our mood and emotional state.  



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