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Therapy In Motion Massage Techniques, Ltd. was started in 2003.  I went to school in Lexington, KY at Bluegrass Professional School of Massage Therapy, located at 501 Darby Creek, Suite 14, phone # 859-264-1450.  The school is owned and operated by Jim and Terri Sloan.  The course of study was 600 hours which took one year to complete.  I am certified and licensed in the state of Kentucky to do massage therapy.  As a licensed therapist, I must take 24 CEUs (continuing education Units) every 2 years pertaining to massage and massage Ethics to maintain my massage license.  I'm a certified Cupping Therapist, a Reiki Master, and a Raindrop Technique Practitioner.  I'm a member in good standing of Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals, (ABMP), a very professionally organized membership of certified and licensed massage therapists from all over the U.S.  They help keep me informed of any changes of licensure requirements in Kentucky and new massage techniques and other continuing education that is available to me.


I specialize in help with the following:












I took a 12 CEU hour course of Myofascial Mobilization on March 19-20, 2005 given by a representative of John F. Barnes, Myofascial Mobilization Release Treatment Centers and Seminars in Louisville, Kentucky.


I'm a certified Reiki Master Level-Teacher which was a total of 48 CEUs that I started in September 2004 and finished in December 2005 administered to me by my original massage teacher, Teressa Sloan.


I'm a certified Cupping Therapist as of March 2006 when I attended a 21 CEU class pertaining to massage cupping given by Anita Shannon in Cincinnati, Ohio.


In September 2006, I took 8 CEUs of Acupressure (Acupressure 1) and in October 2006, I took an additional 12 CEUs of Acupressure (Acupressure 2) for a total of 20 CEUs of training of Acupressure given by Robert Gregory in Lexington, Kentucky.


In July 2008, I attended a 25 CEU class in Raindrop Technique given by the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education in Hendersonville, Tennessee by Gaia Tossing.


On March 26, 27 and 28, 2010, I attended a 24 CEU class for "Massage for People Living With Cancer" given by Tina Ferner in Toledo, Ohio.

(I was contacted around the middle of October 2009 by a lady representing the Mesothelioma organization.  She wanted to add me to their list of massage therapists for people suffering from Mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs and stomach caused by contact with asbestos.  This request inspired me to do research on training available to me for oncology massage, which is special training to be able to do massage on people living with cancer.)


On June 19 and 20, 2010 I participated in a 2 day workshop consisting of 16 CEUs for Slipstream Negative Pressure Release at the World Massage Festival at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky.  This is a continuation of my further training in Massage Cupping Therapy that started in 2006.  I had already been using these blue rubber cups in my massage practice since May  22, 2009, but this training was directly from the lady who invented these cups, Eeva Vahla!  Eeva is originally from Finland where her main client base for massage therapy was "ice hockey players".  Her practice is now in Boca Raton, Florida.


At the World Massage Festival in Berea, Kentucky at Berea College in June 2010, I had the pleasure of watching Anita Shannon (my original massage cupping instructor of 2006) use a new machine for Massage Cupping bodywork and Medicupping Therapy.........the Vacuumobilization machine!!!!  Absolutely Awesome results!!!!  I have ordered this machine, it is on it's way, should have it in the next two weeks!  This is going to open up a whole new world for me and my clients!!!!


Received my "MACHINE" it is absolutely amazing.  I am having wonderful results, especially dealing with shoulder issues and glut issues.  Sometimes, when working on a shoulder issue, it has been resolved with one session!


On April 30, 2011, I attended an herb workshop in Cecelia, Kentucky from "Firebear" Bo Tipton who is a Choctaw Indian.  We learned to harvest herbs, make tinctures, creams, salves and healthy household cleaners.  Bo's class was awesome, he lectured us for over 5 hours without looking at a book or even notes.  His great grandmother started teaching Bo about herbs when he was a boy and now he has passed some of that wisdom on to us!


February 11, 12, and 13, 2012 I attended  a 22 CEU class pertaining to the Art of Massage Cupping/Medicupping Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio taught by Herman Bryant.  This was an advanced cupping therapy class that addressed some specific health problems;  release of stress in the jaws, scoliosis, and plantar fasciatis as well as some review of past learned skills; face lift and drainage with the cupping machine, and total body wraps for body contouring learned back in 2006, using the MC600 Vacuumobilization Machine.  Herman is a wonderful teacher and I came back home with a lot more confidence and knowledge on the use of the cupping machine.



On May 31, 2013, I attended an 8 hour class in Fairview, North Carolina conducted by Wolfgang Luckmann entitled INDIAN HEAD, FACE AND FOOT MASSAGE WITH AYERVEDIC OILS. Then the next two days, June 1 and 2 he taught a 16 hours class of CHINESE CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY WITH VISCERAL MANIPULATION AND MEDICAL QIQONG. These classes with him very truly amazing!  Learned totally new skills. The Chinese class involved using Traditional Chinese Medicine dealing with our "Qi" which is our universal life force. Qi is pronounce Chi.  Everybody has Qi and it flows through our body through our meridians. This is the same principle with which Accupuncture is administered along certain points of our meridian lines.  Every major organ in our body has a specific meridian which our universal life force or Qi energy flows. When there is a blockage in our Qi we experience pain, when the blockage is left for a time, then disease develops.  I learned how to open up blockages and end pain; it is an awesome technique.    


On October 11 and 12  for a total of 18 ceus I will have the pleasure of participating in another class conducted by Wolfgang Luckmann in Louisville, KY.  It will be SHIATSU-ANMA-JAPANESE MEDICAL MASSAGE WITH HARA VISCERAL MANIPULATION AND CUPPING.  Another class involving massage cupping my ultimate passion in my massage practice. 


I am presently taking a series of classes to get my certification in Manual Lymph Drainage. I will have my 47 hours of training finished August 18, 2018.  I am going to be offering  MLD to my clients at this time.  Check back with me to see the particulars.  I am looking forward to offering MLD  as it is very effective in boosting a person's immune system.   


I'll be posting info about new techniques I'm interested in or am asked by a client to explore.

Everyday I am fortunate enough to do what I absolutely love.....MASSAGE!  LIFE IS GOOD!




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